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Chamber Data Systems licenses CC-Assist.NET to an organization for renewable one-month terms. Users pay an initial license fee and monthly renewal license fees. The initial license fee is based on

  • the number of users having simultaneous access to CC-Assist.NET,
  • the number of local server installations within your organization,
  • and the number of internet-enabled databases to which you have access.
The renewal license fee for each subsequent month is based on the same configuration parameters that are used to determine your initial license fee together with the number of Members currently in your online directory and/or that have access to the Members-only page on your Web site. Contact us for a custom quote for CC-Assist.NET.

Following is an explanation of the configuration parameters which determine your CC-Assist.NET fee schedule:

Number of Users 

A portion of the license fee is based on the number of users that can run CC-Assist.NET simultaneously. Licensing by the number of simultaneous users allows you to run CC-Assist.NET on as many workstations as you want, but only pay for the level of usage that you need. To better understand this and determine the level of licensing that you need, consider the following example. Suppose that you have five workstations on your local area network (LAN). CC-Assist.NET can be installed to run on all five workstations. But your organization's use of CC-Assist.NET may vary from workstation to workstation. Some users may work in it throughout the day, while others may have only an occasional need to use it. Based on the pattern of usage, you may decide that you need only a 3-user license. In that case, any three users can be running CC-Assist.NET at the same time. The license prevents an attempt to run it on a fourth workstation until a user exits CC-Assist.NET at one of the other workstations.

Number of Local Server Installs 

A portion of the license fee is based on the number of local server installs. A local server install allows a machine or network of machines to access CC-Assist.NET independently of any outside network. For example, consider the following: Suppose that you have five workstations on your LAN and you have an outside salesperson who needs to run CC-Assist.NET on his/her laptop while making calls away from the office. In this case you will need two local server installs: one for the computers connected via your LAN and a separate local server install for the laptop being used outside the office while disconnected from your LAN.

Number of Internet-enabled databases 

A portion of the license fee is based on the number of internet-enabled databases to which you have access. You may set up as many databases as you would like within CC-Assist.NET. Local databases do not incur any additional fees. An internet-enabled database is one in which you can share information with your Members via the internet in the form of an Online Business Directory, an Online Calendar of Events, and an Online Members-only section in your website.

Following is an explanation of what the license provides.

Initial License 

  • Installation guidance
  • Training (See Training.)
  • Conversion of database to CC-Assist.NET for users upgrading from a prior generation of CC-Assist. (Conversions from other programs can be completed for a fee. For more information see Conversions or Contact us)

Monthly Renewal License 

  • One subsequent month of use
  • One subsequent month of software maintenance
  • Updates that include enhancements and new features as they become available