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Staff Message

Alan Anderson founded Chamber Data Systems over three decades ago because he learned of a problem needing a solution and saw a business opportunity to solve it. (See History.) He did not know at the time the enormous satisfaction we would all get from this endeavor. If there is any one thing that describes our corporate personality, it is that we are passionate about developing powerful software that is practical and easy to use, and we take pride in maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship in every detail. Providing CC-Assist to chambers of commerce has allowed us to do what we love and do best.

We have worked with hundreds of chambers of commerce and thousands of their staff people. We strive for our relationships with our customers to be one of partnership: we do what we do best so that our customers can best do their jobs. These relationships are one of our most valuable assets.

Along the way we have worked with countless interesting and wonderful people. To you, our customers, we want to say thanks. It's been great. And we look forward to our continued mutual success.

The advances in computer technology and the internet are amazing, and we are excited about where it is taking us. We will continue to do what we have always doneā€”take advantage of the latest technology and offer great products, services, and support. Keep an eye on these pages for announcements of things to come.


Your Chamber Data Systems Staff