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Training and Support

We provide several training and support options to get you started using our CC-Assist software programs and empower you to use them to their maximum potential. These include:

  • Integrated HTML Help System
  • Individual Training
  • On-demand Support for Trained Users

Integrated HTML Help System 

All of our programs include a comprehensive integrated HTML help system which provides conceptual overviews of how to use the various parts of the program, hands-on exercises, and step by step instructions for many daily processes. The information in our Integrated Help Systems is organized by topic and by index, and can be easily searched using a key word or phrase. Help topics which you want to be readily accessible for future use can be stored in a "Favorites" section for quick access later on. The Integrated Help System is updated regularly as new features are added to the program so that users always have the most current information.

Individual Training 

A series of basic training sessions is included with the initial purchase of either CC-Assist.NET or CC-Assist 8.0. Currently these training sessions are conducted by one of our training experts through a shared remote session in which our trainers can see everything on your computer screen as they personally guide you over the telephone through learning to use the program.

In order to accommodate turnover within your staff, additional/repeat training can be purchased as needed.

Accounting training for CC-Assist 8.0 is available for a fee on an hourly basis.

To obtain a list of available training lessons, fees or to schedule a training session, please Contact us.

On-demand Support for Trained Users 

Support for CC-Assist.NET and CC-Assist 8.0 is provided for trained users at no additional cost during normal business hours. Our support staff are knowledgeable and eager to help with any questions you may have.