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CC-Assist is a comprehensive membership and event management program designed specifically for chambers of commerce and other membership-type organizations. Check out the features that make CC-Assist the most powerful and user-friendly chamber software in the market.

Membership Management

Member and Rep Tracking

Store extensive information about various types of organizations (members and non-members) and associated individuals (reps).

Touchpoint Tracking

Log your touchpoint history with members and prospects and create automatic reminders for needed follow-ups.

Group Management

Assign your members and their reps into Groups to track any type of grouping, such as sponsors, committees, interest groups, and mailing lists.

Custom Tagging

Create customized tagging options for identifying characteristics among companies and individuals used for tracking and reporting.

Referral Tracking

Track referrals for your members and email responses to inquirers with referred member contact information or forward these requests to your members.

Event Participation

Track participation in events by members and guests. Identify members under a threshold of event attendance as at-risk.

User-defined Fields

Categorize members using custom user-defined coding schemes and values.

Member Benefits

Allow members to customize their profile page and post job openings, discounts, and blog posts on your website.

Online Hit Analytics

Evaluate clicks to your members' directory listing and posts. Notify your members about the traffic your Web pages are directing their way.

Event Management

Comprehensive Tracking

Track and analyze information about where and when an event is held, venue capacity, offerings, attendees, and registrations.

Configurable Listings

Design your own event listings using our built-in visual editor, including formatting text, inserting images, and embedding links.

Event Promotion

Spread the word about one or more upcoming events using built-in event advertisement emails.

Registration Forms

Create ticketed registration offerings such as tables, teams, sponsorships, etc. with separate prices for members and non-members to build an online registration form.

Custom Form Fields

Configure your registration forms to collect needed information such as meal choices, food allergies, or t-shirt sizes.

Attendee Communication

Email reminders or thank you notes to attendees or text them notifications or reminders.

Community Events

Keep your community engaged with a community calendar. Allow organizations within your community to submit events on your website.

Automatic Billing

Let CC-Assist automatically create invoices and online payments for registrations. These are stored in members' accounts and included in confirmation emails.

Online Payments

Collect payment for events through the online registration forms. Online payments are automatically recorded for the event.

Extensive Reporting

Retention Analysis

View your net gain or loss in members and overall retention as well as annual dues gained or lost for a specified period.

Dues Forecasting

Predict future revenue from membership dues to help plan your next fiscal year and take the guesswork out of budgeting.

Billing Collections

Generate aging reports to track past due invoices by category and member. Create lists of past due members to follow-up with.

Executive Summary

Provide executives a monthly summary report with critical information to evaluate performance and identify potential problems.

Event Management

Report metrics for events such as attendance, no-shows, and revenue. Track attendance per member and identify inactive members.

Online Hit Statistics

Analyze website traffic to report activity to members about their online listings and identify frequently visited pages to sell ads.

Configurable Graphs

Create dashboard graphs to view breakdowns of membership, billing, and events. Easily print graphs for meetings.

Custom Report Builders

Report wizards guide you through creating custom reports to view exactly the data you want. No coding or programming required.

Custom Spreadsheets

Export information directly into Excel spreadsheets for further viewing and analysis. Select only the columns and data you need.

Smart Billing

Dues Tracking

Store your members’ annual dues amounts, billing frequencies, billing anniversaries, and the dates their next term begins for dues billing.

Billing Diagnostics

Locate critical errors in your accounts using our built-in tool for analyzing your members’ billing information.

Online Payments

Accept credit card payments on your website for dues, non-dues, and events. Members can conveniently pay online without logging in.

Automated Dues Billing

Quickly generate dues invoices for each billing period. Invoice amounts and descriptions are automatically set based on billing frequency.

Automated Non-dues Billing

Easily generate invoices for charges other than dues, such as advertisements, add-ons, sponsorships, and contributions.

Automatic Event Billing

Configure events to allow invoices and online payments for registrations to be automatically created in members' accounts and included in confirmation emails.

Invoices and Statements

Email or print invoices or account statements in batches or individually. Members can easily pay online when they receive your invoices.

Billing Analyses

Analyze amounts billed, paid, and outstanding for a period, as well as identify members 30, 60, 90, or 120 days past due.

QuickBooks Integration

Copy your transactions into your QuickBooks desktop application to eliminate double entry.

Member Communication

Email Templates

Quickly send emails to members using one of the many built-in emails, such as event notices, verification forms, and inquiry responses.

Custom Emails

Send custom bulk or personalized emails to your members and reps using CC-Assist’s integration with MS Outlook and Word.


Instantly communicate with members and event attendees with integrated texting. Texts can be scheduled to arrive at the ideal time.

Communication Tracking

Touchpoint history with members and prospects can be tracked, and automatic reminders can be created for needed follow-ups.

Custom Mailing Lists

Create special mailing lists of members, such as ambassadors, committees, interest groups, etc. Lists can be synced into Constant Contact.

Constant Contact Integration

Synchronize your member contacts and mailing lists into Constant Contact to eliminate double entry.

Revenue Generation

Enhanced Listings

Customize members' listings with branded colors, logos, images, links to website, email, and social media, embedded maps, and more.

Directory Ads

Boost your members’ visibility by selling advertisements to display at the top of any business category listing.


Create sponsorship packages for your chamber's events, website, signage, etc. to offer added exposure and promotion.

Preferred Promotions

Offer “preferred” promotions which gives a member’s promotion higher visibility with custom colors and top position in searches.

Membership Tiers

Customize membership levels and tiers with tailored benefits and sponsorships to upsell membership and increase value.

100% Revenue

Leverage built-in revenue generation features at no additional cost. You keep 100% of the revenue you earn.

Website Integration

Business Directory

Display categorized member listings in a searchable directory. Customize members' listings to offer enhancements and ads.

Calendar of Events

Display chamber and community events in a calendar or list view. Create custom registration forms for any chamber event.

Member Account

Empower members to update their information, post jobs, news article, or promotions, pay online, view referrals, and register for events via an online login.

Membership Application

Allow new members to select membership levels and various options and pay online via a configurable application form, streamlining the join process.

Member Promotions

Spread the word about local deals with a searchable promotions board to display your members' deals, discounts, and coupons.

Member Jobs

Help members find the right job candidate with a searchable jobs board to display your members' job posts.

Member News

Keep your community up-to-date with a business blog to display members' news articles and blog posts about their business or industry.

Request Information

Refer your members in response to online inquiries and provide your members with detailed sales leads.

Pay Invoice

Collect credit card or eCheck payments for dues, non-dues, or event invoices with a convenient online payment page.

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