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CC-Assist was incredible to work with on our website build. From answering emails in a timely response, to helping guide us through design choices, Brittney and the rest of the CC-Assist team were an incomparable help in rebuilding our website.

One of our favorite features on the new site is the one calendar function. We no longer have to distinguish a Chamber calendar and Community calendar, nor do we have to have them on separate pages. CC-Assist set up one calendar, with color coding for each category of events.

Thank you, CC-Assist!

Cooper Reaves
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Johnson City Chamber of Commerce

CC-Assist has been one of the best investments we could ever make. Our website is easy to use, eye-catching, and already becoming a go-to tool for our members and community. In addition, the software has been easy to learn and has allowed us access to data and tools that give us information we never had before, with just a click of a button.

What has been the biggest blessing has been the amazing customer service. The staff at CC-Assist truly care and want to make sure your Chamber has the best experience. I have never had this amazing customer service with any other website, software, or equipment.

The investment is worth every penny and at a much more affordable price than many other services out there.

Candi Westbrook
Executive Director
Coffeyville Area Chamber of Commerce

I began working with Chamber Data Systems only a few short months ago, and every day I’m more glad our Chamber took the plunge. As a one person office, time management is invaluable. [CC-Assist] truly has simplified our operations and given me more time to grow our foundation. Now I touch data once and it is everywhere I need it to be – leaving my time to be spent elsewhere, inside or outside the office.

The tutorials are well put together, and walk you through everything you need to know, or revisit – and their staff is simply stellar. Response time is amazing, and they are always able to resolve my problem or question timely and accurately. They’ve even gone out of their way to help make sure the platform interfaces perfectly with our dual purpose website (Chamber & Visitor Center). The praise I have for them doesn’t seem like it says enough!

Vanessa Jusczak
Executive Director
Denali Chamber of Commerce

[CC-Assist] has been a Godsend to our small chamber affording us the opportunity to invoice with ease and add members to our website with a few strokes of the keyboard. Our members are excited with the new features on our website, which allows anyone to find chamber members quickly.

We believe these new features will become selling points to potential members, thus paying for itself, easily. The staff at CC-Assist always answers questions quickly and the tutorials are always there to assist us as well. Anyone who is thinking about cost versus benefits will be pleased.

Our best decision in years!

Jerry Ray Speck, MBA
Executive Director
Idabel Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture

Chamber Data Systems’ products meet all our needs and their staff will address any new ones that come up with courtesy, professionalism and in a timely fashion. The cost of these services are both reasonable and affordable. They help you every step of the way. As services evolve and change, Chamber Data Systems is a great partner to help put them in action. I couldn’t recommend them more, and I could not be happier.

Ronald Sanders
Executive Director
Wharton Chamber of Commerce

I have used CC-Assist at the three chambers where I have worked. It is by far, from my research, the best membership management system available. I love the responsiveness of the staff, their willingness to write special programs just to fit our needs, the ability to produce financial reports for our board, integrates perfectly with our website and my absolute favorite is the Executive Summary Report. I would encourage anyone looking for CRM to look first and last at CC-Assist!

Sharon Mayer, IOM
Former President & CEO
Allen-Fairview Chamber of Commerce

Our experience with CC-Assist and Chamber Data Systems over the past year has been exceptionally positive. Throughout the training and implementation process, we’ve encountered various challenges and questions, all of which were promptly addressed with their technical support. Additionally, as we’ve sought to enhance our system with upgrades and feature improvements, CC-Assist has consistently met and exceeded our expectations.

The impact of CC-Assist on our organization has been profound. It has streamlined our operations, facilitated better organization and tracking of our members and events. Furthermore, the system has significantly improved the user experience of our website. These enhancements have not only benefited us internally but have also provided added value to our members.

One aspect that particularly stands out is the exceptional customer service provided by CC-Assist. Their team is incredibly responsive, always willing to assist without being pushy, and genuinely eager to ensure that we maximize the benefits of their platform.

Overall, we are extremely pleased with our decision to adopt CC-Assist and have no reservations about our choice. It has proven to be a valuable asset to our organization, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

Kristin Bramblett,
Office Manager
Fairfield Chamber of Commerce

Our chamber has 300 members, with one full-time person and two part-time employees. What we value above all else is what we aim to deliver with our own members: the best customer service and a welcoming experience. When we made the decision to switch from another leading chamber software company we’d been with for years, and CC-Assist made our transition as effortless as possible. Their customer service is truly unparalleled in the industry. We made the change when our chamber was in the middle of a rebrand, planning a 5K, and handling the pressures of the pandemic –the CC-Assist team was patient, available, understanding, and helpful through it all. We are on a first-name basis with Customer Support and could not be happier. Not only did we move to CC-Assist, we also hired them to design our beautiful new website, which has attracted new members.

Here are some of the things we love about CC-Assist: the integrated billing has led to members renewing more quickly; prospective businesses have joined because of our new website and its features; correspondence from CC-Assist works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and looks really sharp—we love the format; there are better checks and balances with CC-Assist that will allow us to keep better records; and the onboarding process is well-organized and thought-out. Onboarding is designed to make sure each user not only understands how to use the management software, but is very comfortable with it. They know that your success is their success. As a former educator, I deeply appreciate the thoughtfulness of this process, as well as the tutorial videos and online help center that makes life so much easier. This is a robust software that has your chamber needs in mind, and we are so very happy we made the change to CC-Assist.

Beth Rheingold
Greater Baltimore Chamber of Commerce

I’ve been a chamber executive for twenty years and have worked with four different CMS for chambers. While no system is perfect, CC-Assist is the most intuitive and easiest to learn along with having all the features needed to keep our Chamber current and connected with our members. The customer support is the best in the industry. The website CC-Assist designed for us is contemporary and easy to keep updated. We are very pleased with this relationship and the benefits it provides our members.

Holly Hicks Dougherty
Mount Vernon Springfield Chamber of Commerce

My favorite thing about CC-Assist is the people honestly. We are a one-person office and it’s a struggle to stay on top of everything. The support staff has [always] been right there helping me and answering my questions. The program itself is easy to navigate and work through, very user-friendly. We are extremely happy with the program, but the customer service and support is the selling point! There is no automated systems to deal with, real live people to talk to and that is wonderful!!

Lynne McClary
Executive Director
Polk County Chamber of Commerce

The team at CC-Assist has been great to work with and extremely helpful as myself and the rest of the staff at the Spencer Chamber learn the capabilities that exist with CC-Assist. Adding a CRM program was a step in the right direction for our Chamber and CC-Assist has filled that gap wonderfully.

Chamber Data recently redesigned our website and we couldn’t be happier with the product. It is so beneficial to our members to have a website that interfaces with CC-Assist. We are happy and our members are beyond excited. I am continuously amazed at the capabilities that CC-Assist provides to our chamber members.

The response time, friendly staff, and knowledge is also very much appreciated. We always feel like we are a priority.

Sheriffa M. Jones
Executive Director
Spencer Chamber of Commerce

I cannot recommend CC-Assist highly enough. Having previously utilized CC-Assist’s services at another chamber, I didn’t hesitate to reach out to them again when faced with similar challenges in our current organization. My positive experience with them in the past left a lasting impression, and I knew without a doubt that they were the right choice to streamline our database and website conversion once more. Their expertise in streamlining both our database and website conversion processes has been nothing short of remarkable. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, their team has been professional, supportive, and attentive to our needs every step of the way.

What sets CC-Assist apart is not only their technical proficiency but also their dedication to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience. Their software is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate, making it a breeze for us to adapt to and utilize effectively.

Moreover, the level of support we receive from CC-Assist has been outstanding. Whenever we encountered any challenges or had questions, their team was always readily available to provide assistance and guidance, going above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction.

If you’re in need of a solution to streamline your database and website conversion process, look no further than CC-Assist. Their combination of expertise, professionalism, and exceptional customer service truly sets them apart, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking reliable and efficient solutions for their business needs.

Kathy Perez
Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce

With a staff of two and the workload of five, having reliable, quick responses when problems arise was a top priority when researching potential Chamber software companies. We selected CC-Assist because of the user friendly dashboard and outstanding customer service.

Later, when we redesigned our website, we didn’t even research other companies- we went directly to CC Assist knowing that we would be in good hands from the design phase, to training, to launching.

Jeannine Beck
Executive Director
Mid-County Chamber of Commerce

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